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  • 1985 - C/Z is born (a year prior to the launching of the Sub Pop label) with the release of the DEEP SIX compilation featuring the first available recordings from Soundgarden, Melvins, and Green River (who later spawned Mother Love Bone & Pearl Jam). The record marked the earliest beginnings of grunge. In time these bands are signed and successful.

  • 1986 - C/Z releases the first Melvins record (CZ002). Eventually, the band signs to Atlantic.

  • 1989 - teriyaki Asthma Vol. I is released and is highlighted by "Mexican Seafood," the first ever Nirvana track to be released. The song was later re-released on the Insecticide record.

  • 1991 - The Henry Rollins/Hard-ons single is released.

  • 1992 - C/Z signs 7 Year Bitch Pearl Jam asks 7 Year Bitch to take their place opening for The Red Hot Chili Peppers on three Northwest dates shortly after the ink was dry. C/Z re-released the "Lorna" 7" and the band headlined a packed show at Wetlands during the New Music Seminar the June. MTV airplay on their first video prompted an intense flurry of press. This was followed by a full European tour and several national tours including Silverfish/Love Battery, and Cypress Hill/Rage Against The Machine. After two records on C/Z, the band is signed to Atlantic.

  • 1992 - MC Hammer threatens C/Z artist, Hammerbox with a lawsuit over their name. Eventually the suit is dropped. Hammerbox signs with A&M, tours extensively, and finally breaks up. Carrie goes on to start Goodness.

  • 1993 - C/Z releases the first record by Built to Spill, who in subsequent years have become one of the most adored press bands in recent memory. They appeared on the Red, Hot & Bothered comp., played Lollapalooza, signed to Warner Bros. in 1996, and continue to remain one of the industry's most magical anomalies.

  • 1994 - Silkworm's "In The West" is released spawning an intense barrage of press and intense label interest. Matador signs the band releasing several records. The band tours with all the indie-elite including Pavement, Hum, Shellac, and Guided by Voices. Silkworm have now moved to Touch & Go.

  • 1995 - In negotiation with The Presidents of the United States of America (long BEFORE any major label was even aware of their existence), and was in fact responsible for placing them on the ASCAP showcase where Colombia "discovered" them. C/Z ended up releasing a single with an exclusive track.

  • 1995 - C/Z inks a hybrid venture deal with BMG through Zoo Entertainment and signs former Matador/Too Pure artist Moonshake releasing the critically lauded Dirty & Divine which features appearances from Stereolab alumni, Katherine Gifford and Mary Hanson. They are accepted on the Lollapalooza 1996 tour.
  • 1996 - Former Best Kisser front man and songsmith, Gerald Collier is signed. The record garners a fair bit of attention, and Gerald begins showcasing for labels. His contract is sold to Revolution.

  • 1998 - Skyward is released, featuring Joe (skyward) from The Posies with guest appearances from members of Sky Cries Mary, Ministry, Gigolo Aunts, Fripp's Leagues of Crafty Guitarists, Sage, 7 Year Bitch, Hammerbox & many, many others.

  • 1998 - The Moonshake remix EP is released with interpretations by Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Robert Hampson (Main), John McEntire (Tortoise, Gastr del Sol, Sea & Cake), and Rich Costy (Bowie, Pavement, Phillip Glass, Bowery Electric).






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