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New Skin Yard compilation!!

Believe it or not, this long promised delight is finally OUT! We would have been all primed to go, but we paid a guy a bunch of cash to design the record, and he royally screwed us by giving us a bunch of files which were completely unusable, and refused to give us the raw files...blah blah blah. But that's ancient history...Above is the new artwork. Much better than what we had before. The record compiles various Skin Yard seven inchers including the Start at the Top single from Sub Pop, rare tracks from comps, and a bunch of odds and ends which never saw the light of day. It is very limited, and hand numbered in an edition of only 1200 (and that's only if we get through the first run of 700). None of the material has ever been on CD before...get yours which we've still got them to get!


Jesus C. Mezquia, 48, was arrested late Friday, January 11th in the Miami area and charged with first-degree murder of Mia Zapata, according to a Miami-Dade County police spokesperson.

DNA tests linked Mezquia, a resident of Marathon, Florida, to the crime scene and prompted his arrest.

Seattle police submitted evidence to crime labs for genetic testing last year, but it yielded no matches. Only after information on Mezquia, a convicted felon, was entered into the National DNA Index System in December was a parallel drawn. Subsequent evidence also placed Mezquia in the Seattle area at the time of the killing.

Mezquia is being held without bond in Miami-Dade County Jail, where he is contesting his extradition to Seattle, according to a spokesperson from the Florida state attorney's office. A court hearing on the matter has been set for February 12, and a public defender has been appointed to handle the extradition case. Since Mezquia wants his case to be heard in Florida and not Seattle, the case could take several months before going to trial.

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  • Moonshake Remixes (EP)

    Actually, this one's been out for a while, but due to financial constraints we were pretty limited as to the amount of promotions C/Z could afford. This Remix EP includes some fantastic mixes by several masters including some great work by Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins, John McEntire of Tortoise fame, MAIN and several more. A total of 7 tracks guaranteed to amaze. Available on both CD and 12" vinyl.


    Love Battery

    Yes, there IS a new record...well not that new anymore...it came out last year, but it still rocks! The title is Confusion Au Go Go, and in the opinion of we here at C/Z, is easily the best record they've released since Dayglo. It hard to know what's going on with these guys these daze as Kevin has become a proud father, which makes the life of an active musician rather difficult (as I know all too well). Owning the record is the next best thing to seeing the band live, which may be a pretty tall order.


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